Meditation: Who helps who?


Photograph: Courtesy of Berenika Bratny

Model: Ruth Roberts


Photograph by Ruth Roberts



Model: Berenika  Bratny

Photograph by Ruth Roberts

The Horse the Human and the Cat

Ruminating the unfolding of an experience between beings whose expression and intimacy of tender communication offers us an opportunity to understanding that even though we may may express things differently the emotional tone is the same.

Rest with Support

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Photograph by Ruth Roberts



Photograph by Ruth Roberts

The Ancestors Are Calling

Horses_in Motion_DSCN0207_v4_Lores

Photo by: Ruth Roberts


Dream or Reality


Photo by: Ruth Roberts

We Listen

We Listen 

the patterns
of our circumstances
can dictate our thinking

and  yet
in our yearning for wholeness

our dreams and imagination
call us
to trust a

quiet whisper
a step in an unknown direction
turning towards our hearts desire

and in that moment

our lives
forever change

Ruth Roberts