The Butterfly

The Butterfly

I am cocooning
spending much of my time pondering questions
arising from inside

listening to my body-mind responses
recognizing their connections

being in presence

 attuning with understanding
to each  emotion  wound  loss
noticing when that is easy
and difficult  to do

 dancing with living death
noting when there is nothing left to do or stay

 I turn towards essence
waiting until I can arrive
resting in its comfort.

After a time
I  can open
my new wings
to life

Dedicated  to my sister Lynn Roberts
June 14, 1963 – August 24, 2016

by Ruth Roberts August 31, 2016

Liberate your Horse — Liberate Yourself Befreie Dein Pferd – befreie Dich selbst


This book represents Maksida Vogt’s journey, love and commitment to the well-being of horses. Motivated  and guided by an inner voice, she integrates ongoing personal exploration with scientifically sound information. This provocative thesis encourages people to question their beliefs, their relationship with self and horse. This new paradigm is both difficult and potentially transformative. Meeting the horse anew promotes harmony with oneself, loving without expectation, and knowing peace.
Currently available only in German, hopefully soon in English.
Includes a photo, by Ruth Roberts, taken at Centrum Reja, Poland

Spoken and Unspoken Bond

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