Stop it

the words have been spoken

“Stop it”


no longer silent


standing on solid ground


we too can say

stop it


inspired and with authority

protecting the vulnerable

for anyone

doing or voicing that which violates a country’s constitutional laws

transgressing another’s human rights


in hearing someone say

stop it

we join them

unifying our voices


let’s make it an anthem

let it be the movement


no need to be alone trying to protect oneself

no need to stand by and not be sure how to help

support a community

heal the world

record it

post it

stop it


Author: Ruth Roberts

*moved and motivated by PEOTUS’ words, “I will say this…Stop it”
message directed to his supporters who have been inciting violence
during 60 Minute interview, Lesley Stahl 13/11/16

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The Butterfly

The Butterfly

I am cocooning
spending much of my time pondering questions
arising from inside

listening to my body-mind responses
recognizing their connections

being in presence

 attuning with understanding
to each  emotion  wound  loss
noticing when that is easy
and difficult  to do

 dancing with living death
noting when there is nothing left to do or stay

 I turn towards essence
waiting until I can arrive
resting in its comfort.

After a time
I  can open
my new wings
to life

Dedicated  to my sister Lynn Roberts
June 14, 1963 – August 24, 2016

by Ruth Roberts August 31, 2016