Being Met

“from the moment of conception….

As ‘somatic sensory beings’ we are touched and impacted by our immediate surroundings both in the emotional and physical realms.

We retain our openness if our system’s needs are met – becoming stable and open, being able to flow easily between expansion and contraction.

If however, there is a conscious or unconscious rejection on the parent’s (caregiver’s part) at any juncture from the beginning of form, the system may need to shut down or withdraw in a ‘healthy’ survival response protecting its ‘self’ through contraction or flattening against the outside.

This becomes our life’s work to find our way back to receiving and embracing our life force and all the innate qualities of our essence.”
Ruth Roberts

photo © Ruth Roberts

We Are All With You

know that you carry the wounds
of our ancestors within

speaking for those who have left us
their voices beaten down
discredited and destroyed
by this world

have gratitude and
be empowered young women

now you
have a voice being heard

feel the strength of
acknowledgement and community

reverberate in everyone’s right
to be seen and believed

we are all with you

Ruth Roberts

Eulogy Prayer for my Mom – 48 years later


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On June 9, 1960, at the age of twenty-eight, Ruth Roberts’ mother died in a tragic accident that made front page in the national newspapers. Ruth and her sibling were with their mother that day and were severely injured in the accident.

This eulogy and prayer describe a place Ruth came to after many years of struggle, feeling broken and finally healing.

When her father was dying in 2006, Ruth spent significant time with him the week before he died and was present through his passing. This was precious time together, when love superseded all else and dissolved lifelong wounds.

Not yet feeling complete, Ruth yearned for a way back to her faith. She found herself driving over three thousand miles to a Contemplative Prayer retreat in Dove Creek, Colorado, where with the support, patience and understanding of its spiritual director, Ruth reunited in a new relationship with God.

On June 9, 2008, forty-eight years after her loss, the director created and provided a beautiful ceremony to honour Ruth’s mother, for which Ruth wrote the following eulogy. 

I Weep

I Weep

for all that has been

in not remembering

these losses distort

resulting in
a need for control

to make things
‘feel’ safe

I reflect

what was the moment
of disconnection

knowing something was wrong

how do we find

venturing into
the murky layers
of forgotten memories

back to a place inside
when there was
no choice

to ensure

to construct
to make sense of

a reality that

still unconsciously

its beliefs and values

a part
a structure
a pattern

created by necessity


its valiant effort
to maintain safety
in the external holding environment

I weep 

for all the lost years
searching for
love respect dignity

life begins with love

not necessarily meaning
a parent’s  definition of love

as they may hold a
spoken or unspoken agenda
current and ancestral wounds
a predetermined overlay

or no plan

consciously and unconsciously
impacting new life

so where does love begin
I ask myself

I believe
each new being
breathing into life

is here

remind parents
open their hearts

in relationship

softening yet strengthening
their bond

creating a space for
potential healing
unexpected miracles

is always here

our soul
yearning for wholeness

searches for
a returning to

light before thought
quiet before action
oneness before separation

birth and death
meet in essence

we become peace

we are love

I weep

Ruth Roberts



Model: Berenika  Bratny

Photograph by Ruth Roberts

Wirga’s Memoriam


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all photos and writing by Ruth Roberts

Light and Shadow


Photographer: Ruth Roberts

Wild Horses Greet Ania

A beautiful portrayal of wild horses and their relationship with their guardian for the past seven years. Alone she walks the reserve using her experience and intuition  to find the herd on the 340 hectares through every weather and land condition and all seasons. This is the last protected area for the Koniki Polskie. Her role is to ensure their health and well being. A relationship based on a quiet deep respect through intimate interspecies communication.

Location: Bibrza National Forest, Poland