Peace and Healing…. are my wish for you for the holidays and new year

Photo: Courtesy of Berenika Bratny
Model: Ruth and Amigo

An Invitation to Be

2018 Somatic Summit
Theme: Connecting to Animals

My Topic: An Invitation to Be

While online the recording sound of this one video kept breaking and the music is so beautiful (to me) that I am offering it separately for your viewing/listening pleasure

Breath Meeting Itself

Photo Courtesy of Berenika Bratny


Charlotte and her Gypsy Friend

Ruth Roberts

Happy Holidays to You and Your Loved Ones




A yawn, a stretch, pleasure in spending time together. Hope your day is full of all this and more!

Photo Courtesy of Berenika Bratny

We meet Within

“We are moving through the fluids
healing our lineage

shifting our perspectives
attuning to

embracing body-spirit knowing

all the interconnections
waiting to be met

Ruth Roberts