We Are All With You

know that you carry the wounds
of our ancestors within

speaking for those who have left us
their voices beaten down
discredited and destroyed
by this world

have gratitude and
be empowered young women

now you
have a voice being heard

feel the strength of
acknowledgement and community

reverberate in everyone’s right
to be seen and believed

we are all with you

Ruth Roberts

All Life

Divine process
expressing itself before
truth is recognized

both story and
profound hope

a resounding resonance
waving through the words

meeting and caressing the
edges of my soul

I rest into the water’s wisdom
our rhythm matching and pulsing
in connection with all life

Ruth Roberts

Eulogy Prayer for my Mom – 48 years later


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On June 9, 1960, at the age of twenty-eight, Ruth Roberts’ mother died in a tragic accident that made front page in the national newspapers. Ruth and her sibling were with their mother that day and were severely injured in the accident.

This eulogy and prayer describe a place Ruth came to after many years of struggle, feeling broken and finally healing.

When her father was dying in 2006, Ruth spent significant time with him the week before he died and was present through his passing. This was precious time together, when love superseded all else and dissolved lifelong wounds.

Not yet feeling complete, Ruth yearned for a way back to her faith. She found herself driving over three thousand miles to a Contemplative Prayer retreat in Dove Creek, Colorado, where with the support, patience and understanding of its spiritual director, Ruth reunited in a new relationship with God.

On June 9, 2008, forty-eight years after her loss, the director created and provided a beautiful ceremony to honour Ruth’s mother, for which Ruth wrote the following eulogy.


Charlotte and her Gypsy Friend

Ruth Roberts

One Year

One Year

since my little sister passed through
to the next dimension


my heart still aches

and my ears still yearn
to hear the sound of your voice

I miss embracing you
honouring you
in this embodied journey

when I wear something you envisioned
and brought into form

when I look at a picture you drew
hanging framed on my wall

witness to
the beauty
of all your creations

A sister intimacy

no one else can ever know
the impact of our ‘roles’
within the broken familial structure

we each survived

no one  can ever
understand our perceptions

who we were
who we have become
as a result of our history

I long to share more of
the “what’s new” in our lives
while appreciating
our individual evolving wisdoms

your unique presence
a gift in my life

love you always sis


R.A. Roberts

A Seed for the Grave

In this moment of

I feel

living limited
by an incomprehensible history

 somehow not realizing
the extent of
wounding of my own history

the fighting of another
is only a projection

a blatant disregard
of my own unrecognized inner turmoil
a discomfort still not yet safe to be known

thus unable to comprehend
its consequences

left bereft
with only
ignorant and vulnerability
to blame

the psyche’s own agenda
a monumental  fight
suffering until expiring

only in
being unarmored
can I find

the centre of
this storm
and the next

an essential shift
to learn
and embrace

rooting and standing in
the fragility and strength
of my humanness

inner stories

arriving with no
rhyme or reason

leading through
discord and anger
pain and grief

I cry out for
what has been lost

yearning for
where support is
supposed to live

an unexpected source
of healing emerges

growing into
I speak
a more coherent message

no guarantee of being heard

its purpose
unbeknownst to me

I offer this new seed
to the grave
of my ancestors

sacred womb


Ruth Roberts