chills in truth expressed

layers revealing
wisdom of light in shadow
divine understanding

connected within
by essence and form
to both
land and ancestry

the known and


finding strength
to know
life’s centre

through and by
the mystery of life

we meet
our selves
and each other”

Ruth Roberts

inspired by the movie Legends of Cambria

We Rise

In starting from somewhere

be it
weighted failure
breaking until we collapse
seemingly unbearable defeat

we surrender to rest

breathing in to let go
giving space for a moment’s reprieve

and then we rise

lifting our eyes
we reach

our kinaesthetic sensing
met by

knowing life
as it shapes and
moulds us

our hope
sculpted from the inside

like a marble’s artist
with intuitive wisdom
exposing its innate shape

being made ready
for the next passage

what feels to be
an unending valley

maybe a mountain
to unimaginable to climb

yet in reaching its peak
a multifold glory
a basking in the warmth
of all that is

being thrust back
into chaos’ storm

challenged yet again
to shake off that binds us
unravelling our mind’s restrictions

in the mystery of this unwinding
we discover a pristine lake
in the middle
of everywhere and nowhere

diving in
our body and soul
tingles with aliveness

a moment of being
a sacred cleansing

We Rise

Ruth Roberts

We Are All With You

know that you carry the wounds
of our ancestors within

speaking for those who have left us
their voices beaten down
discredited and destroyed
by this world

have gratitude and
be empowered young women

now you
have a voice being heard

feel the strength of
acknowledgement and community

reverberate in everyone’s right
to be seen and believed

we are all with you

Ruth Roberts

We choose “Oui”

My heart pounding
my survival fear activated

the environmental powerlessness
where any choice may not be the right one

relationships repeatedly misconstrued
by societies imperial conditioning

having experienced
abuse by numerous systems

the unchanged resurfaces

a re-traumatizing trigger
reminds me again of
my own humanness


momentarily overriding
my thought processes

confused by

my cognitive brain kicks in

in these unfiltered  layers

there creates
a perceived need for self defence

both real and imagined

the ensuing

deem differences
as the dominating focus

can We

step back


an essential prerequisite
to sort through and revise
our accepted patterns
of conscious and unconscious
behaviours and judgements

are We willing to

shed old beliefs
casting off righteousness

to recognize each person’s
inherent value

an ongoing challenge to
becoming more present

to find the centre of each storm

the reality
that We are all made of
flesh and blood

sharing equal rights
to know

to be in life’s fullness of breath

trusting the song within
led by our
gentle heartbeat

returning to
arising out
of life’s beginning


choose “Oui”

Ruth Roberts

This poem is in response to Trevor Noah’s response to:

Shape Shifting

being shaped embryologically
by our parents and ancestry

instilled through cellular memory

shortened or lengthened

our body’s and mind’s agility

the way we think and interact

reaffirmed through conditioning
establishing a ‘norm’

reverberating in
the collective unconscious

until we know its relationship within
we are unknowingly in reaction

from that which has been acceptable in our individual communities
each society’s deemed ‘proper way’ to behave

how can we truly know the ground we stand upon
how can we understand and respond from our heart

a place that promotes universal harmony
respectful of the essential qualities of being
that we all are birthed of and into

unless willing to commit to
an uncompromising and unending internal review of
all that has been established as the status quo

protecting what may appear to serve us but
not serving our planetary living beating heart

making a choice to enter
into the fear

the possibility
we may not know the answer

trusting to venture
into the dark night of the soul

as the veil lifts

we discover
a light at the end of the tunnel

returning to our
interlinking connections

gathering in our

in this

we serve all

Ruth Roberts