Peace and Healing…. are my wish for you for the holidays and new year

Photo: Courtesy of Berenika Bratny
Model: Ruth and Amigo


chills in truth expressed

layers revealing
wisdom of light in shadow
divine understanding

connected within
by essence and form
to both
land and ancestry

the known and


finding strength
to know
life’s centre

through and by
the mystery of life

we meet
our selves
and each other”

Ruth Roberts

inspired by the movie Legends of Cambria


how we think

the beliefs we create
from our experiences

become a complex overlay

of our consciously
and unconsciously
held trauma

unwinding the patterns
both somatically and emotionally

integrating our gained wisdom
aligned with our spiritual nature

is our liberation

Ruth Roberts

Discovering Code

In arriving
in this form

our essential hardware is
always in the background

our software often suffers
broken linkages from
our ancestral lineage

outdated conscious and unconscious coding
limiting how see ourselves and each other

this conditioning
layers of
predetermined stories

can restrict
our ability to function
in this world

it is through entering
chaos’ apparent disorganization

patterning can be
recognized and interrupted
and occasionally met with a crash

giving space for
new vision
to arise

always undergirded
by the support of our hard drive
a universal relationship of ground

 new programming can be installed
connections get rewired
fresh coding integrated

 our system
instals the latest updates
reconfigures damaged links
while retaining historical data

as it accesses and informs
more congruent pathways of comprehension

in completing its tasks
all applications with all their collective complexities
become activated when their process is initiated

this correlates with
life’s conquest for
conflict resolution

routing clarified
updated synapses

freeing up storage space
to revise old versions
increased speed in performance functioning
with greater capacity to hold and retain past and current memories

a coordinated dialogue between all moving parts
supporting connectivity and embodiment

providing knowledge, skill and relationship
to the creative and illuminating source

an essence that governs all life

Ruth Roberts



each person
would take the time

to be
get support

to heal
their trauma
associated with the pain
behind the complaining

to repair through
the linkages

not to forget the past
but to integrate its wisdom


then we would live
in a very different world

defences dissembled
boundaries redefined

the collective
conscious and
unconscious mind

Ruth Roberts

One Year

One Year

since my little sister passed through
to the next dimension


my heart still aches

and my ears still yearn
to hear the sound of your voice

I miss embracing you
honouring you
in this embodied journey

when I wear something you envisioned
and brought into form

when I look at a picture you drew
hanging framed on my wall

witness to
the beauty
of all your creations

A sister intimacy

no one else can ever know
the impact of our ‘roles’
within the broken familial structure

we each survived

no one  can ever
understand our perceptions

who we were
who we have become
as a result of our history

I long to share more of
the “what’s new” in our lives
while appreciating
our individual evolving wisdoms

your unique presence
a gift in my life

love you always sis


R.A. Roberts

I Weep

I Weep

for all that has been

in not remembering

these losses distort

resulting in
a need for control

to make things
‘feel’ safe

I reflect

what was the moment
of disconnection

knowing something was wrong

how do we find

venturing into
the murky layers
of forgotten memories

back to a place inside
when there was
no choice

to ensure

to construct
to make sense of

a reality that

still unconsciously

its beliefs and values

a part
a structure
a pattern

created by necessity


its valiant effort
to maintain safety
in the external holding environment

I weep 

for all the lost years
searching for
love respect dignity

life begins with love

not necessarily meaning
a parent’s  definition of love

as they may hold a
spoken or unspoken agenda
current and ancestral wounds
a predetermined overlay

or no plan

consciously and unconsciously
impacting new life

so where does love begin
I ask myself

I believe
each new being
breathing into life

is here

remind parents
open their hearts

in relationship

softening yet strengthening
their bond

creating a space for
potential healing
unexpected miracles

is always here

our soul
yearning for wholeness

searches for
a returning to

light before thought
quiet before action
oneness before separation

birth and death
meet in essence

we become peace

we are love

I weep

Ruth Roberts

Not Limited

silence is all I have


movement expressing spirit

what has been

yet not limited to

anything other
than this present moment

Ruth Roberts

Shape Shifting

being shaped embryologically
by our parents and ancestry

instilled through cellular memory

shortened or lengthened

our body’s and mind’s agility

the way we think and interact

reaffirmed through conditioning
establishing a ‘norm’

reverberating in
the collective unconscious

until we know its relationship within
we are unknowingly in reaction

from that which has been acceptable in our individual communities
each society’s deemed ‘proper way’ to behave

how can we truly know the ground we stand upon
how can we understand and respond from our heart

a place that promotes universal harmony
respectful of the essential qualities of being
that we all are birthed of and into

unless willing to commit to
an uncompromising and unending internal review of
all that has been established as the status quo

protecting what may appear to serve us but
not serving our planetary living beating heart

making a choice to enter
into the fear

the possibility
we may not know the answer

trusting to venture
into the dark night of the soul

as the veil lifts

we discover
a light at the end of the tunnel

returning to our
interlinking connections

gathering in our

in this

we serve all

Ruth Roberts