how we think

the beliefs we create
from our experiences

become a complex overlay

of our consciously
and unconsciously
held trauma

unwinding the patterns
both somatically and emotionally

integrating our gained wisdom
aligned with our spiritual nature

is our liberation

Ruth Roberts

We choose “Oui”

My heart pounding
my survival fear activated

the environmental powerlessness
where any choice may not be the right one

relationships repeatedly misconstrued
by societies imperial conditioning

having experienced
abuse by numerous systems

the unchanged resurfaces

a re-traumatizing trigger
reminds me again of
my own humanness


momentarily overriding
my thought processes

confused by

my cognitive brain kicks in

in these unfiltered  layers

there creates
a perceived need for self defence

both real and imagined

the ensuing

deem differences
as the dominating focus

can We

step back


an essential prerequisite
to sort through and revise
our accepted patterns
of conscious and unconscious
behaviours and judgements

are We willing to

shed old beliefs
casting off righteousness

to recognize each person’s
inherent value

an ongoing challenge to
becoming more present

to find the centre of each storm

the reality
that We are all made of
flesh and blood

sharing equal rights
to know

to be in life’s fullness of breath

trusting the song within
led by our
gentle heartbeat

returning to
arising out
of life’s beginning


choose “Oui”

Ruth Roberts

This poem is in response to Trevor Noah’s response to:

Stop it

the words have been spoken

“Stop it”

no longer silent
standing on solid ground

we too can say
stop it

inspired and with authority
protecting the vulnerable

for anyone
doing or voicing that which violates a country’s constitutional laws
transgressing another’s human rights

in hearing someone say
stop it

we join them
unifying our voices

let’s make it an anthem
let it be the movement

no need to be alone trying to protect oneself

no need to stand by and not be sure how to help

support a community
heal the world

record it
report it
post it

Stop it

Ruth Roberts

*moved and motivated by PEOTUS’ words, “I will say this…Stop it”
message directed to his supporters who have been inciting violence
during 60 Minute interview, Lesley Stahl 13/11/16