My Passion

I have held a life long interest in the body, mind, spirit connections. Most recently my curiosity has led me on an intensive study with an internationally recognized yoga teacher and two of the pioneers in the burgeoning field of somatic movement.

My passion inspires me to creatively exploring the body’s initiation into movement, and in its opening, discovering deeper self-awareness through embodiment.

This process focuses, not for the ‘way’ but, through inquiry, a shift of both my individual and the ‘collective’ patterns. Simultaneously these awakenings reconnect me to essence as the undergirded support.

My ongoing process, encompasses the universal core principals of yoga and many great body-mind practices. I continue to uncover my body’s innate rhythm and its ability to unwind multilayered holding patterns into a more finely tuned internal balance.

This perspective helps me cultivate direct revelation leading to self-discovering, self-healing, and self-actualizing with a greater purpose.