One Year

One Year

since my little sister passed through
to the next dimension


my heart still aches

and my ears still yearn
to hear the sound of your voice

I miss embracing you
honouring you
in this embodied journey

when I wear something you envisioned
and brought into form

when I look at a picture you drew
hanging framed on my wall

witness to
the beauty
of all your creations

A sister intimacy

no one else can ever know
the impact of our ‘roles’
within the broken familial structure

we each survived

no one  can ever
understand our perceptions

who we were
who we have become
as a result of our history

I long to share more of
the “what’s new” in our lives
while appreciating
our individual evolving wisdoms

your unique presence
a gift in my life

love you always sis


R.A. Roberts

2 thoughts on “One Year

  1. So sorry for your loss. I have 3 sisters and this really touched me. 🕊 Love,

    Danielle✨ Love and Intimacy Mentor for Women❤️ DōTERRA Wellness Advocate 🌱 415-250-7277.

    Sent from my iPhone so please forgive the brevity.


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