A Seed on the Grave






the psyche’s fight to it’s own death


only unarmored


can I find the centre of

this storm

and the next


in not realizing the wounding in my own history


I can not possibly understand

its impact in my interactions with others


ignorance and innocence

is not a choice


I need to stand in

the vulnerability of being human




discord and anger

pain and grief


their story


I cry out for lost innocence


to fight another is to disregard

my own unrecognized inner turmoil

a discomfort not yet safe to be known


Standing up


my heart and compassion intact

I can speak a coherent message


no guarantee of being heard


I offer this new seed

to the grave

of my ancestors

born to heal


it starts


One thought on “A Seed on the Grave

  1. Beautiful and perfect for the day 🌞🌚🌞! ❤️

    Danielle✨ Love and Intimacy Mentor for Women❤️ DōTERRA Wellness Advocate 🌱www.mydoterra.com/daniellehougard. 415-250-7277.

    Sent from my iPhone so please forgive the brevity.


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