A Seed for the Grave

In this moment of

I feel

living limited
by an incomprehensible history

 somehow not realizing
the extent of
wounding of my own history

the fighting of another
is only a projection

a blatant disregard
of my own unrecognized inner turmoil
a discomfort still not yet safe to be known

thus unable to comprehend
its consequences

left bereft
with only
ignorant and vulnerability
to blame

the psyche’s own agenda
a monumental  fight
suffering until expiring

only in
being unarmored
can I find

the centre of
this storm
and the next

an essential shift
to learn
and embrace

rooting and standing in
the fragility and strength
of my humanness

inner stories

arriving with no
rhyme or reason

leading through
discord and anger
pain and grief

I cry out for
what has been lost

yearning for
where support is
supposed to live

an unexpected source
of healing emerges

growing into
I speak
a more coherent message

no guarantee of being heard

its purpose
unbeknownst to me

I offer this new seed
to the grave
of my ancestors

sacred womb


Ruth Roberts

One thought on “A Seed for the Grave

  1. Beautiful and perfect for the day 🌞🌚🌞! ❤️

    Danielle✨ Love and Intimacy Mentor for Women❤️ DōTERRA Wellness Advocate 🌱www.mydoterra.com/daniellehougard. 415-250-7277.

    Sent from my iPhone so please forgive the brevity.


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