Shape Shifting

being shaped embryologically

by our parents and ancestry


instilled through cellular memory



shortened or lengthened


our body’s and mind’s agility




the way we think and interact


reaffirmed through conditioning

establishing a ‘norm’


reverberating in

the collective unconscious


until we know its relationship within

we are unknowingly in reaction


from that which has been acceptable in our individual communities

each societies deemed ‘proper way’ to behave


how can we truly know the ground we stand upon

how can we understand and respond from our heart


a place that promotes universal harmony

respectful of the essential qualities of being

that we all are birthed of and into


unless willing to commit to

an uncompromising and unending internal review of

all that has been established as the status quo


protecting what may appear to serve us but

not serving our planetary living beating heart


making a choice to enter

into the fear


the possibility

we may not know the answer


trusting to venture

into the dark night of the soul


as the veil lifts


we discover


a light at the end of the tunnel

returning to our

interlinking connections


gathering in our

understanding  wisdom  grace


in this

we serve all


By Ruth Roberts

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